The lunch break is one of the most important moments of the working day.

Map for many years now, it carries out a complete service for factories and companies in the Padua area, proposing itself as a company canteen for all workers. Mappa supports all those companies that do not have the possibility of having an internal canteen, very often due to problems of logistics and space.

This service is called the conveyed meal service.

How does this service work?

Each week, each company we work with is presented with a different menu, from which employees can choose what to eat every day, for the following week.

We prepare meals in our kitchens in Caselle di Selvazzano and deliver them directly to the places of consumption of the companies.

All preparations, hot or cold, are packaged in thermal single-portion trays, capable of maintaining adequate temperatures and preserving the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the food as much as possible.

Only shortly before the moment in which they will be consumed, they are transported to the customer canteens with vehicles suitable for the service, in compliance with the contractual conditions established with the Customers and in compliance with the minimum storage times and temperatures provided for by current legislation.

We present a tailor-made offer for our customers.

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