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The art of receiving

Mappa is a historic company in the Padua area that has been operating for many years in the restaurant and catering sector, proposing itself to the market with innovative ideas, attention to detail, quality of products and raw materials , always renewing itself with the modernity that distinguishes us.
We organize banqueting and catering services , not only in the Padua and surroundings area, but we have the tools and means to get anywhere, thanks to a team of professionals who are now working and have been collaborating with us for a very long time. For both private and corporate events, Mappa studies each event to measure, taking care of the details and details, making the moment unique and perfect.
Map is located in the outskirts of Padua and is proposed with the "Garden" room and with the "Living" room , set up in a completely different way, to propose two different ideas of hospitality and events . But for the most part, together with our client, we want to find the right location for him to set up the event.

How job Mappa?

Mappa mainly proposes itself with corporate catering , by now collaborating with many companies and factories in the area, offering the daily meal service to its workers , and with the catering and banqueting for all kinds of events : corporate events, private dinners at home, weddings, various occasions...
By now organizing an event, whether it is corporate or private, is always really laborious and complicated, as well as stressful: there are always many things to think about, ideas to coordinate, different needs... this is why Map offers you a complete service , from banquets or refreshments to the menu rather than the setting.
Whether it's an aperitif, a lunch or a dinner, or a coffee break , there are many aspects to be evaluated and managed effectively: available spaces, number of participants, timing, set-up of the restaurant and preparation of the menu and dishes Ask for a free inspection and a no-obligation quote from our catering. Map, we will be able to respond promptly, welcoming your requests and needs, studying your ideas ad hoc!

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  • 01.Attention to detail

    We have a vast assortment of tables, tablecloths, cutlery, chairs and stools, porcelain, glassware...

  • 02. Passion

    Mappa is not just catering, it is courtesy of the collaborators, it is elegance of the personalized set-ups for each event.

  • 03.Quality of products and menus

    We select quality and seasonal raw materials, we offer balanced menus with a varied offer for everyone.

  • 04. Flexibility and availability

    We provide a flexible and quality catering service, which adapts to your needs.

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