Every detail is designed to offer you the feeling of experiencing a unique event.

When you sit at the table for an event, be it a wedding, an anniversary, a confirmation, a baptism, everything must be perfect: the menu must certainly be greedy and inviting, but the eye also wants its part!

We want to take care of every single detail

To customize the style of each wedding, it is important to take care of the environment chosen for lunch or dinner down to the smallest detail.

Map, already at the time of choosing colors, style and menu, will be able to show you its wide choice of tables, fabrics, glasses, plates, cutlery and seats, but also tableau de mariage and other details, to make the location of great impact.

Every single event, of course, will arise from taste, from the advice but also from your personality, because every event is unique!

By mise en place, we mean the complete set up of the table for the service, distinguished by our elegance and distinctive attention.

We offer the availability of qualified personnel with decades of experience, to create the scenography of your event, with the use of furnishing accessories such as fabrics, ceramics, glassware, silverware, lounges, lamps, and anything else suitable to make the event that will remain engraved in the memory of your life.

Every circumstance enlivened by personalized menus with dishes suited to the season and elaborated in harmony with the premises and the opportunity to celebrate, made impeccable by the technical support of Sommelier, Barman, Chef in the room as well as background music and baby sitting service for children .

What are the elements to consider for a perfect mise en place?

We certainly find it very important to create synergy and balance between accessories, decorations, and the proposed menu.

The dish has its own importance and must not be suffocated by what is around it, rather it must be exalted.

Let's see together, however, some other fundamental elements for an excellent mise en place:


The cutlery

The types of forks, knives and glasses are very numerous but what matters is always the balance: it is necessary to find the right compromise between functionality, elegance and style.


The table

Usually a round table is preferred to encourage conversation and eliminate edges supported by a central support foot.


The seat

The comfort of those who sit at the table is essential in catering and banqueting of ceremonies and events because it is necessary to remain seated for a long period.