Tailor-made services for you

So many good reasons to choose our catering service Mappa!

A company... like a big family
We do not limit ourselves on events

We have the skills and the desire not to hinder us and not to limit ourselves to single events: every day we operate in the various sectors of catering, from the company canteen to the private party, from weddings to the inauguration of a new store, dealing with a panorama of customers. always new, guaranteeing a high quality catering service with particular attention to everyone's needs.

We always offer a "tailor-made" service

Our "tailor-made" catering policy allows us to offer catering and banqueting services that aim at the high quality of the raw materials used and maximum safety in the production process. The direct management of the kitchens and the packaging of food constitute the current core business of Mappa srl.

We work step by step in creating an event

Excellence is not only the result of quality, but also of how we work for our customers.

1. Meeting with the client: we want to understand your dream, how you would like to make the event happen. It is the starting point of our work.
2. Choice of location: if it has not already been chosen, together we will choose the place where the event will take place.
3. Organization of the event, therefore: choice of the menu among the various proposals, set-ups and mise en place, room service, logistics.
4. The day of the event: we will be there with all our collaborators, to make your event unique!

Type of cooking and packaging

To ensure the right balance between taste and compliance with the hygienic-sanitary safety requirements of the products, we cook the food with fresh products and deliver it the same day, packaging it by sealing or serving it with traditional dish..

Healthy food for everyone

Our philosophy has always been centered on healthy food for us and for the environment around us: in the preparation as in the packaging, we take care of food, respecting the people and the planet we live in. Good and healthy food for us means choosing respecting the health of the person without losing sight of the environment in which we live; for this reason we always try to choose short supply chains and as many ingredients at km 0, where possible.