We make your wedding unique!

Mappa boasts decades of experience in the field of private events and weddings.

This long experience has led our team made up of people, emotions, stories, to make your wedding unique!

Mappa srl ​​will take care of organizing and realizing your wedding in the best possible way.

Map will follow you in your every choice, from the setting up to the organization, to the customization of the event, leading you to create an event that is always unique and never predictable.

Wedding is one of the most beautiful days in a person's life, it is a storm of emotions, where every detail must be thought out and taken care of in the smallest detail, where dreams come true: it is a day that will be remembered forever, but that to be engraved in the mind of the guests it must be, precisely, unique and unforgettable.

We want your experience to be the best it can be!
With Mappa Catering you can imagine your wedding, plan it in every detail, choose the details you like best ... Our proposal is so wide and personalized that it is impossible to create an event that is the same as another.

And we will be able to help you and also show you the location, the menu, the set-up, the mise en place, the service ... because the wedding must be the event where everything creates a perfect harmony, reflecting your personality.

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