Mappa catering and banqueting in Padua for corporate and private events
MAPPA: Historic catering of Padua
  • Over sixty years of commitment in the gastronomic sector
  • A reference for the city of Padua and its province
  • Representative of Venetian and Italian cuisine in the world
  • Banquets, meetings, conventions ... of a high standard
  • Personalized arrangements for each event
  • Organizational care with industry experts
  • Courtesy of the service and collaborators

We work for passion and pleasure.

We have always stood out for the quality and service that have made Mappa a leader for over 60 years in the events sector, such as catering and banqueting.

We love to listen to the customer, presenting our ideas and welcoming his needs with open arms, to make his event unique.

We believe in a catering that knows how to excite and sensitize the guest, satisfying them with taste and with the eyes: we offer haute cuisine, quality products, but also accompanying the goodness of the food to presentations with attention to every detail.

We provide our experience and expertise in the culinary sector, offering elegant dishes with a careful presentation, designed to surprise the guest.

We also define ourselves as artisans, not just cooks: because we work the raw material with our hands, blending taste with tradition and modernity.