Particular attention to details, studied in their simplicity.

Leaning on the Map the Art of Receiving, to organize a wedding, means choosing quality and professionalism, refinement, care and creativity in the details that will give life to your Big Day, to ensure that both you spouses and all your guests , can experience that magical effect that distinguishes our events.

The Wedding Cake

Millefeuille, meringue, Bavarian, tart, cheesecake, fresh fruit, flowers, pastel colors or total white ... but also sponge cake filled with chantilly cream or coatings with icing or sugar paste. And whoever has more, put more ...

The wedding cake has ancient roots since the Greek / Roman era, but to find similarities with the current wedding cakes, it must reach the 19th century, when the first cakes with a white cover, a color symbol of purity and virginity of the bride.

Today this symbolism of the white color gives way to decidedly more "practical" aspects, such as the tastes of the spouses! But this does not stop various experiments, however, some widespread to the point of becoming real trends: Naked, Frosted, or "dressed" cakes in combination with the bride's dress.

Do you have special ideas for your Wedding Cake? Our pastry chef is ready to suggest his ideas and above all listen to yours!